13 trips around the earth, that's how much CO2-emissions we save each month

Together we reduce our collective emissions. And that’s something we’re proud of!

CO2 emissions from road traffic

17% of Dutch CO2 emissions stem from road traffic. And that number should be lower. Every day, plenty of vans drive around with unused capacity: expensive and not at all sustainable. With our innovative technology, we create the most efficient route for the transport of bulky goods. In this way, the courier gets more jobs and drives fewer unnecessary kilometres. That’s how we reduce CO2 emissions together.

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that every van on the road is filled as much as possible. This benefits the courier and the environment and makes transport easier and more affordable for individuals and businesses; it’s a real win-win-win!

Our goals

2.5 million realised transports in 2024
Reduce CO2-emissions of the Netherlands with 0,024% in 2024
Greening our fleet, and helping our couriers make their vans more sustainable

How we increase our impact

Sustainable is affordable

The sustainable delivery option doesn´t have to be expensive. At Brenger it is actually the economical choice.

Smart combinations

The more transport requests we have, the more efficient, affordable and intelligently we can combine them.

99,8% deliveries at the first attempt

Our drivers and customers have direct contact with each other. Which ensures a succesful delivery at the first attempt.

Reduce your CO-2 emissions by using Brenger!

Imagine, you have to transport a sofa. By choosing a Brenger courier to take it along, instead of driving back and forth by yourself, you save 48.4 kilograms of CO2 emissions on a transport of 220km on average. That equals the CO2 emissions of 26.8 hamburgers 🍔 or 89,9 showers 🚿.

Meet our team

We provide easy and affordable delivery of bulky goods for consumers and businesses by leveraging smart technology. We do this by optimising the loading capacity of vans on the road, therefore enabling couriers to earn more while making transports sustainable.

Are you inspired and do you want to work together with us? Visit our career page and discover current job opportunities. Do you have other questions or suggestions? Mail to info@brengertransport.com.

Working at Brenger

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