Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all kinds of frequently asked questions from people who want to have things delivered via our platform.

General questions

Can Brenger help me with my move?

You can definitely use Brenger for your move. We offer a suitable solution for items that are easy to load in and out of a van. Make sure to enter all the dimensions of the items that you want delivered on our website. Are any of your items particularly heavy? In that case, we recommend you choose the ‘two couriers’ option for an extra £40. Our couriers do not do disassemblies or packing of items, so make sure that your belongings are ready. Brenger is not a removal company.

Note: do you want to move more than 5m3? In that case, we cannot guarantee that we will find a courier but you can always try - often it works out!

Does my item fall outside your standard dimensions?

We cannot guarantee the delivery of very bulky, large or heavy items. However, you can always book the delivery with us. Certain couriers drive have an extra-large van and/or special equipment to transport heavy items. For these types of deliveries, we will contact you for further details.

Can I place a transport request to a destination outside the UK?

Currently, we do not offer international deliveries for UK based customers.

If I place a delivery request, am I obliged to go through with it?

Placing a delivery request is without obligation. Before a courier accepts your delivery request, you can cancel it at any time. In that case, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within 48 hours of the delivery, you will get a 50% refund. The other 50% will be used to pay the courier because they often won’t be able to adjust their planning after that.

Are my goods insured during the delivery?

All items that are sent via Brenger are insured up to £500 against theft and damage with our standard door-to-door package. Damage that occurs when the courier is carrying or lifting items within the home or building (at either collection or delivery addresses) is not covered by this insurance.

Also, any damage to glass, stone (or similar), foodstuffs, or other items that are not within our guaranteed dimensions (larger than 400x180x160cm, or heavier than 200kg, or any items that require special equipment to load or unload) are not insured.

In case of damage, we ask that you make contact with us immediately. Make sure you take photos of the damaged items, make a written description of the damage, and keep any proof of repair costs and/or purchase value. Send these to Brenger will reimburse repair costs, as specified in a quote from a professional restorer, up to the original purchase value of the product.

Can I request two couriers to lift and move the items?

Of course! You can let us know when you are placing the order what additional help you want at collection and/or delivery. When you book an additional courier to help with lifting and carrying you will pay an extra £40.

How do I place a delivery request?

You can read how easy it is to place a delivery request here!

How much does a delivery using Brenger cost?

At the top of the homepage, you can enter the pick-up and drop-off locations and the dimensions of your item which will allow you to see the starting price. This price is dependent on the rest of your choices during the process. Delivery to a certain floor, for example, costs extra. All prices are including VAT.

Can the courier come with a tail lift or pallet truck?

Brenger couriers usually come with a regular delivery van with moving blankets and straps. If you need extra equipment to move your items, you can add these additional services to your booking. It is your responsibility to choose the right services for your items. In our ‘Extra services’ step of the booking, you can add the following services:

  • Extra person: The courier arrives with a helper - handy if there’s no help available at one or both of the addresses.
  • Tail lift: The courier comes with a tail lift, which is useful for wheeled items for example.
  • Tail lift and pallet truck: The courier comes with both a tail lift and a pallet truck, perfect for heavy pallets.
  • Tail lift and extra help with lifting: The courier comes with a tail lift and an extra person to help with lifting and carrying.

Be aware! Brenger doesn’t offer the following services, so you’ll need to arrange something separately for:

  • A moving lift (for lifting items up to a window)
  • Disassembly
  • Packing material

What can be transported?

What kind of deliveries are possible?

The sky is the limit at Brenger: we move big items and small items and in all quantities. Daily, items ranging from furniture to bikes to fridges are being delivered all over the country. As long as the items fit in our max. dimensions (400cm L x 180cm W x 160cm H and <200kg) you are in the right place!


Where can I find my invoices?

You can find your invoices by logging in and clicking on ‘Your overview’ in the top right-hand corner of your screen. You will then see a tab marked ‘Invoices’ on the left and the rest is easy!

How does payment work?

You pay us for the delivery when you place your delivery request or for orders that fall outside the delivery guarantee when you accept an offer from a courier. We will hold onto your payment and make sure that the courier is only paid once you confirm that the delivery has been completed or if we do not hear from you 24 hours after the agreed delivery time.


How do I know what time the courier will be arriving?

We will let you know by e-mail when a courier has accepted your request and in which time slot they will be arriving. We will give you a pick-up window of no more than 4 hours, and of course, this will be within the time slot that you have selected. Both you and the courier will also be sent each other’s contact details.

How can I check whether the items have been delivered?

You can check if your items have been delivered on the status page for your order (you will find a link to this page in the e-mail we send you after payment), or by logging in and clicking on the ‘Your Transport’ button in the top right of the screen. You will then see your transport request and you can click on ‘Confirm receipt’. When you have confirmed that the items have been delivered, we will pay the courier. If you do not confirm that the items have been delivered, we will pay the courier two working days after the agreed delivery date.

Are the items guaranteed to be delivered if I book?

All delivery requests within Great Britain (except the islands) are guaranteed to be delivered within 7 working days of the booking with exception to the following delivery requests:

  • If the item is larger than our maximum dimensions (400x180x160cm)
  • If the total delivery request has a volume greater than 12m3
  • If the total weight is greater than 200kg
  • If the distance of the delivery is more than 186 miles (300km)
  • If the item is made of stone, glass, reproduction stone or cement (or similar)
  • If the item is a foodstuff
  • If the item is a piano or a trailer
  • If it contains living organisms (animals, plants, etc.)

As these exceptions don’t work with our service concept, we can’t guarantee that a courier will be happy to carry them out. However, it’s often still possible to find a courier who can. We suggest you go ahead and place a delivery request anyway because you’ll probably still be able to arrange a delivery that works for you. The only situation where you definitely cannot arrange a delivery is for items over 200kg in weight. For items this heavy, it isn’t possible for our couriers to transport them, so in that situation, you cannot place a delivery request.

Can my items be picked up or delivered in a specific time slot?

Of course! When you book your delivery you can always select the date, and then you can choose a flexible time slot from 9am to 6pm, or a specific time slot for a small extra cost.

Chat with us

Use the chat icon at the bottom right to open a chat with our customer service. Chat is the fastest way to get your questions answered. We are available daily via chat during the hours mentioned below. You can also send us an e-mail at or call us on +44 20 3868 5346.

For couriers

Couriers that are interested in working with Brenger can reach us through mail via or via the chat button in the bottom right corner. For urgent questions, active couriers can reach us from 8:00 until 17:00 through the emergency line provided during onboarding; check your activation email for the phone number.